Kagina: We Are Sorry for Paying Shs 22bn to Wrong Contractor

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Executive Director, tadalafil Allen Kagina has apologized before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions on Statutory Authority and State Enterprises (COSASE) for making a Shs 22bn payment to a wrong road contractor.

UNRA is being accused of paying China Railway No.3 Uganda for the construction of Nansana- Busunju Road yet the real company doing the job is China Railway No.3 China with which they signed a contract.

Kagina confessed that she erred on Wednesday, ed while appearing before the committee after being asked to clarify on who is being paid for the contract and the one doing the work in the field.

“I (previously) told the committee that it was China Railway No.3 Uganda doing the construction and the one we are paying which was wrong; I needed to come back and make that clarification and apologize to the committee, see ” Kagina explained.

The committee has therefore directed UNRA to make sure that subsequent payment goes to the person they signed a contract with.

“We have requested her to come with a comprehensive report regarding all ongoing projects that UNRA is paying for; we need to ascertain that a scenario of this nature does not reoccur with other contractors,” explained Mbarara Municipality MP, Michael Tumusime.

“We want a report and she has requested for one month to do due diligence to confirm that the people who are receiving payments are the actual people they entered a contract with and establish the status and update of the performance of these contracts.”

“We have formed a team that is going to carry out a comprehensive tax audit in liaison with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) so that the government of Uganda doesn’t lose money and once we find out that the money was used to earn interest we shall have to recover it.”

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