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Kagame’s Germany Trip Cut Short after Rebel Attack in Musanze

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has cut short his trip to Germany following a rebel attack on his country’s territory this past Friday.

Kagame, who on Saturday attended the Rwanda Day celebrations in Bonn, Germany, had intended to hold several meetings in the European country.

However, Kagame cancelled the meetings and chose to return home.

The President is expected to arrive at Kigali International Airport later this evening, according to an official who preferred anonymity to speak freely.

Rwanda Police yesterday said in a statement  that eight people were killed and 18 others injured in the attack which occurred in the Northwestern district of Musanze, about 100 kilometers from the Capital Kigali.

However, locals separately told ChimpReports that Rwandan regular forces were killed in the attack.

The surprise attack and ability of the rebels to escape from the Rwandan territory unscathed has left many shocked.

The assault occurred in Musanze or Ruhengeri – the gateway to Volcanoes National Park, home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

The park encompasses the soaring Mount Karisimbi and four other forested volcanoes. On the town’s outskirts, dense greenery surrounds the bat-filled Musanze Caves, a big attraction for tourists.

Hotels in this area are frequented by tourists and remain heavily guarded by the military.

The identities of the attackers remain unclear.

No rebel movement has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Police said in a statement that the rebels used guns and rudimentary weapons to kill people.

“Security forces were quick to provide emergency services to the residents of the area and investigations are still ongoing to find these terrorists,” the statement reads in part.

Rwanda Development Board issued a statement saying the area was secure for tourism.

Speaking in Bonn, Kagame observed: “We have faced more than enough obstacles. Some we were able to overcome, some of them left us with scars, but we stayed standing. Even when we fell, we got back up.”

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