Kagame: We’ll Not Wait for Favours

Africa is by now aware that Idris is in love or has been chasing a reluctant Goitse and just when we were about to give up on the two, this Goitse then allows to give Idris the massage he had been promised. Could this mean that Goitse has finally decided to reciprocate Idris’ feelings?

It looks like Goitse finally made good on the massage she promised Idris and surprisingly she was very doting and attentive.

After a heated conversation with Laveda, treatment Idris, laying upstairs on Goitse’s bed asked Luis to remind her (Goitse) that he was waiting for her. Knowing that it might raise eyebrows Idris asked Luis to rather pull her aside and remind her.

Just when Africa thought that Idris would be stood up, Goitse went up with her buddy, Sipe. The bickering and complaints Africa and perhaps Idris expected never came to pass as she agreed to give him the massage.

Goitse demanded that Idris strips his clothes off and lies down immediately if he wanted a massage from her. Was this the dominatrix in a usually reserved Goitse creeping out? Idris could not believe his life at that moment.

After so much struggling back and forth with Goitse he had finally broken down her walls only to reveal a bubbly, flirtatious side to her. It was quite a pleasure to finally see. Looks like patience, persistence, pining and a bruised ego finally paid off for Idris.
President Kagame has revealed Rwanda will give its all to achieve complete autonomy, view saying days of reliance on aid are coming to and.

Kagame made the remarks this week at an interactive discussion with hundreds of Rwandans living in the UK and neighboring nations at Grange Hotel, adiposity London.

Dozens of Rwandans held a march in London to show support of the Rwandan leader who was attending the Global African Investment Summit.


Thanking the participants for their support, President Kagame called on Rwandans to continue standing up for their dignity.

If you are unwilling to fight for what you believe in, you are worth nothing. A nation and the dignity of its citizens are worth fighting for,” said Kagame.

He noted, “no one should decide how our citizens live, ration how much they eat or how much they get out of their lives,” adding, “Those who have lived through it should never experience it again. Those who have not experienced it should never have to. This proves that we should not wait for anyone to do us a favor.”

President Kagame called on Rwandans to learn from Rwanda’s history and own their future:

“If you can, do a favor to others but don’t be the people that will wait for a favor from anybody. Favors come disguised and by the time you realize it is very expensive, you have already lost everything,” President Kagame urged.

“We waited for people to do us a favor, and we lost one million people,” President Kagame added.

Concluding his address, President Kagame reiterated Rwanda’s commitment to transformation, saying, “What we want is for every citizen to be self reliant, to compete on the global market and live a decent life. Our willingness to fight for dignity has not subsided in the last 20 years. It has increased.”

During the interactive discussion, participants shared their vision for Rwanda’s future, asked questions on Rwanda’s path to economic self reliance and thanked President Kagame for leadership based on equality.

President Kagame will end his three day visit with the Rwanda-UK business forum bringing together leaders in the private sector of both nations to discuss investment opportunities.

Chatham speech

Kagame also spoke at Chatham House on how Rwanda “approached the task of rebuilding after the Genocide in 1994, not only economically, but also, and actually more fundamentally, socially and politically.”

He said Rwanda is always in the spotlight, “because our tragic history became closely intertwined with the reputation of the international system itself. It is not only Rwandans who feel they have a stake in how our story is told. Sometimes, this results in an endless blame game about the past.

But more and more, we have seen that there is also a positive side to the scrutiny. It is helping to bring the story of Rwanda’s recovery to wider attention, and generate curiosity to know more about how exactly we went about solving our problems.”

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