Kagame Warns on FDLR Threat 

Over 10, diagnosis price 000 Seventh Day Adventist Church (S.D.A) members have camped in Fort Portal for the Western Uganda Field for the Pathfinder Youth Camporee 2015.

The Camporee that kicked off on Monday and ends Saturday has attracted youth from all over the country who are camping at Mitandi Secondary school in the Mountainous Katebwa Sub County, patient treat Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District.

Organized by Uganda Union, It’s being held under the Theme: Break the camp and Move Deut 1:6-7.

The aim of the camporee is to express commitment to God, to emphasize spiritual renewal and to explore different talents.

During the camporee, the youth are to be taught how to be job creators, to avoid early pregnancy, about entrepreneurship, Stewardship, Blood donation, physically fitness, HIV AIDS prevention and overcoming temptations during their studies.

Pr. Daniel Matte, the President of the Uganda Union who doubles as SDA Archbishop said the 2015 youth Camporee at Mitandi will bring the youth closer to the Lord, one another as part of the church family and also create desire to have pure hearts free from evil.

Speaking at the opening of the camporee, Kabarole District chairperson, Richard Rwabuhinga said some Christians are sub marine nature.

He said, “The Christians of today are sub marine in nature. Today they pretend to be holy and committed to God but some days they are possessed by evil.”


Rwabuhinga strongly warned the youth to make useful choices and decisions so as to be useful citizens of the country.

“We’re all what we are but a product of our choices. It’s the decisions and choices we make that determine and make us useful members in future. All the choices we make today will be null and void if we don’t hold the word of the Lord at heart. Psalms 119:11,” said Rwabuhinga.

He warned the youth against the deadly HIV/AIDS that has claimed the lives of many reckless Ugandans and urged them to keep their lives pure and safe.

“I urge the religious leaders to take the role of spreading the gospel of HIV prevention as priority and incorporate it in their sermons because the disease remains a big challenge to the youth,” Rwabuhinga said.

Police in Kisoro District are investigating circumstances under which a one-and-a-half-year old child is alleged to have been beaten by his mother and left with severe injuries which resulted into his death.

Trouble started on Christmas Day when Agnes Maniraguha who also known as Nyirahaba suspected that his husband Jackson Habyarimana was plotting to marry another wife an accusation that he however denied.

While speaking to our reporter, viagra sale Habyarimana said he had always had misunderstandings with his wife on a number of issues including the fact that he had received reports about her cheating on him with UPDF soldiers who were camping in the neighborhood.

He says such misunderstandings were always solved by local authorities, but that Nyirahaba would then defy the reached resolutions.

However on Friday January 2, she decided to divorce, taking with her all the household items from their marital home and burning the rest.

Habyarimana added that on Sunday January 4, Nyirahaba was ordered by Sub County authorities to return the property which she had taken but that on her return, she only brought just a proportion of the seized property.

Habyarimana says that he had received reports that after leaving their marital home, his wife severely beat up their toddler saying it would be difficult for her to get a man if she still had the child.

A few days later, the child reportedly died from the wounds that he had sustained from the beating.
The People of Bufumbira East constituency in Kisoro district are now set for a heated 2016, approved after Former Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo trumpeted interest to vie again for the area parliamentary seat.

The seat slipped through his fingers in 2011 when he lost in the NRM party primaries to current MP Eddie Kwizera Wagahungu.

The 63 year old former minister also tried to stand on an independent ticket without success.

He now asserts that all the developmental projects he started in the constituency have stalled in his absence.

Electricity distribution, he claimed, has remained the same since he was voted out and that there existed no active agriculture promotion in the constituency due to poor leadership.

During his tenure as Ethics and integrity minister, Buturo famed greatly for his contribution in the formulation of the Anti gay law, which on the other hand earned him disrepute from majorly foreign and local rights campaigners.

He claims that the previous election had a lot of rigging, which got him losing badly to Kwizera, but now he is determined to reclaim the seat.

My people have been orphaned in the past four years; their representative abandoned them and now the constituency needs a representative who listens to people, without provocations and resorting to anger

With Nsaba-buturo indicating his intent to contest come 2016, it now brings the declared candidates to 3 after another Engineer Nzabanita, who is currently doing under-ground mobilization in the constituency, made similar pronouncement.

President Paul Kagame has expressed reservations about promises by the international community to use military means to attack and defeat the FDLR militia which remains a huge security threat to Rwanda.

“The way FDLR issue is being handled, no rx it’s as if killing people was not such a bad thing after all, more about ” said Kagame.

“Elsewhere, when people kill people on the streets, it’s an outrage, when the same is done in Rwanda, it’s political grievances,” he added.

Kagame made the remarks on Thursday during a press conference at his Urugwiro Village office in Kigali.

The FDLR leadership and ideology are blamed for the 1994 Rwanda genocide in which one million innocent people mainly Tutsi were killed by the Hutu militias.

After being defeated by Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) led by Kagame, the extremists fled to the then Zaire (now DRC) where they also launched a fresh campaign to exterminate the Congolese of Tutsi origin.

Fed up with their atrocities in Eastern DRC and threats to destabilize Rwanda, the regional bodies SADC, UN and ICGLR, gave FDLR several deadline, the last one being January 2, 2015, to surrender guns and demobilize.

Only the old, weak and sick fighters were handed to SADC and DRC authorities.

The command chain of the dangerous militant outfit remains intact. It is reported more fighters have since been recruited to replenish FDLR ranks with the view of attacking Rwanda.

In a leaked memo, UN officials said there was ample evidence to suggest that FDLR are preparing for war. Helicopters were also seen dropping logistics in FDLR-controlled territories this month.

Kagame today said, “We have learnt a lot from others by being in the Security Council and we will keep learning from those lessons.”

He further said UN has cracked the whip on other militia groups but “when it comes to FDLR, there are all kinds of excuses: these are children, they are mixed with civilians…there are lessons learnt from past attitudes and there are also lessons to learn from promises for the future.”

Asked about his preparedness for war, Kagame stated, confidently: “If the disarmament of FDLR fails, Rwanda will tighten its internal security to make sure that nothing will destabilize the country.”

He said Rwandans should hold him accountable should he fail “to take care” of the FDLR threat.

“Rwanda will keep getting better in ensuring its internal security, whatever happens to FDLR,” said Kagame.

Kagame also spoke extensively about the terror attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in France in which several people were killed.

“Who won’t anyone be angry at people walking into a room and shooting people? We all want free speech but why attack religion?” wondered Kagame.

Maintaining that all and sundry should be enraged by the attack in Paris, Kagame challenged the media to respect diversity.

“If you know that some people are going to be outraged by your artwork, why would you go on and publish it?” asked Kagame.

He also addressed the Vision2020 goals, saying a lot has been achieved in developing infrastructure, private sector and security but quickly added Rwandans need to do more to be where they want to be.

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