Kagame: Unity in Diversity is Strength of our Nation

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged politicians to emulate religious leaders and unite in developing the country regardless of party affiliation.

He said politicians need to know that even if they belong to different political parties, online they serve the same Kenyans.

“Belonging to different political parties does not amount to being enemies. It only means that we have different manifestos and approaches which are aimed at developing the same country and improving the lives of the same Kenyans, order ” President Kenyatta said.

The President spoke Sunday at Uzima University College where he joined Catholic faithful in celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Kisumu Archdiocese, tadalafil which also marked 47 years of Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth’s service to the church.

President Kenyatta commended the religious leaders from different denominations who came together to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues, saying that is the way the country should move.

He exuded confidence that the country was on course in its development targets, saying what is required is for Kenyans to abandon petty differences and focus on national interests.

The President emphasized the Government’s determination to spread development across the country, saying it is essential for peace and progress.

“We will unite with the church and other leaders to implement development that will guarantee the peace that we need as a country,” the President said.


Congratulating Archbishop Okoth, President Kenyatta assured him of support in the implementation of church projects – key among them the Uzima University College improvement project.

“You can count on our support and commitment in promoting that good work,” he said.

The Head of State made a personal donation of Kshs 2 million in support of a foundation created by Archbishop Okoth to assist needy Uzima University College students.

Speaking during the occasion, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said he supported the President’s development initiatives.

On the issue of the National Youth Service (NYS), Mr. Odinga said he was not opposing the youth empowerment and slum upgrading programs but only wanted transparency in their implementation. “Let nobody cheat you that we are opposing the NYS programme. What we are talking about is transparency in procurement,” Mr. Odinga said.

Archbishop Okoth urged leaders to work together in serving the country and promoting peace. He commended President Kenyatta, saying the country was blessed to have such an articulate leader.

The Archbishop also lauded First Lady Margaret Kenyatta for her ‘Beyond Zero’ campaign which was transforming the lives of mothers and promoting health across the country.

He requested for facilitation so that Uzima University College could be granted a charter and the President assured him that he discuss the issue with the relevant institutions.

Leaders from the region appreciated the President’s visit and development initiatives. Governors Jack Ranguma (Kisumu), Cyprian Owiti (Homa Bay) and Cornelius Rasanga (Siaya) outdid each other inviting the President to their counties to discuss development.

Governor Owiti and his Siaya counterpart Rasanga said they were envious of Governor Ranguma because the President has visited Kisumu County twice but he has never been in Homa Bay and Siaya as Head of State.
President Paul Kagame has ruled out the possibility of Rwanda slipping back into violence, story saying his countrymen have learnt to draw a line between divisive and progressive ideas from their leaders.

“Rwandans no longer follow blindly those who tell them to harm their neighbours.  They no longer believe that people thousands of Kilometres away know better what Rwandans need, ” said Kagame.

“Rwandans have ceased to follow their leaders blindly. They begin by asking why they should follow,” he added.

Kagame made the remarks on Monday during his two-day visit in the Western Province where met and interacted with residents of Nyamasheke District.

He is credited for turning around the country’s economy, infrastructure and human resource after the destructive 1994 genocide.

Acknowledging the progress in Nyamasheke District, President Kagame noted that the reason was mainly because Rwandans are no longer defined by ignorance and fear.

President Kagame said that the progress the country is experiencing is attributed to the people, who have decided to unite and maintain security; two attributes which he said are the foundation of development.

“Our unity and security are the foundation of all that we do. But they are not enough. We must build on this foundation. You must add hard work needed to ensure a better life for every Rwandan,” said the President.

“Our unity must remain our priority. We are Rwandans before anything else. We are one. We want a Rwanda that is prosperous and a people with a good standard of life.”

President Kagame encouraged Nyamasheke residents to strive for more because Rwandans cannot afford to drag their feet on the road to development.

In a meeting later on with Western Province opinion leaders, President Kagame emphasized on good governance, which he said is what sets aside Rwanda from other countries.

“We have a responsibility to serve all citizens equally in order to transform this country as fast as we can. Our citizens may not have equal abilities but they must be given equal access to opportunity in Rwanda,” advised Kagame.

“No country can thrive when it accepts and perpetuates any kind of discrimination. We must draw lessons from our history of division; from the violence erupting across the world resulting from discrimination,” he emphasised.

President Kagame reiterated that unity and security are the foundation of development and progress, because everything else thrives on the two.

“There is no truth in a religion that preaches division, division is human not divine. God created us to be prosperous not by stealing from your neighbor but by working for it,” he said.

The President further pointed out that, “Every country has experienced its own wars. From their history, they learned to protect national interest, build their nation. Our national interest is not about conquering nations, it is about uplifting the lives of our citizens. Our national interest is not about teaching anyone else lessons, it is about ensuring every citizen feels safe in their home.”

During an interactive session with the opinion leaders, President Kagame provided advice and guidance on various issues concerning the progress of the Western Province, including investment and harnessing opportunities to create business avenues.

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