Kagame: Rwanda Won’t Dance to Critics’ Tunes

President Paul Kagame continued with his defiant stance against critics, telling thousands of his supporters at campaign rallies that Rwanda cannot be run on the whims of foreigners.

“We cannot shape who we are in the image of others and based on standards that change as they wish,” said Kagame as he spoke today Thursday in Rulindo.

“Let us remain who we are, be proud of who we are and be the best version of ourselves,” he added.

The President has in the last few weeks come under pressure from western human rights groups and authors, accusing him of being dictatorial.

Several reports published recently have attacked his government of abusing human rights and suffocating political dissent, charges he dismisses as untrue.

ChimpReports understands Kagame is now using his national campaign rallies to hit back at the critics whom he says are not well versed with the transformation and unique challenges faced by Rwandans.

In Rulindo District, excited supporters were seen waving flags as they welcomed the chairman of the ruling party.

He also spoke at Nyamirambo where he danced with supporters.


Kagame cautioned that RPF advances politics of transformation and abhors “divisionism” and “destruction.”

“Our politics is about transformation and rebuilding,” he assured.

Kagame has previously expressed hope of winning with a landslide when the country goes to the polls on August 4.

Kagame stops his car to greet a fan
Kagame stops his car to greet a fan

“This is about writing new history of a nation where our children have opportunities to build an even brighter future,” said Kagame, who is accompanied by his family members including First Lady Jeanette Kagame.

He said Rwanda is a nation that “respects rights of everyone irrespective of their religion or if they choose not to have a religion,” adding, “This country belongs to every citizen equally.”

“Would any of you wish to belong to anywhere else? Would you consider anyone superior to you?” he asked his supporters.

Driving himself from the rally, Kagame stopped to greet fans.

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