Kagame Inspires Rwandan Youth at Itolero

Success in life cannot only be guaranteed by education but also good upbringing of children as pillar of nation building, advice President Paul Kagame has said.

“Education alone is not enough because it does not take away the effects of inadequate upbringing and customary training,” said the Rwandan president.

“Itolero comes to supplement shortcomings of poor upbringing and acquired personal inadequacies.”

Kagame made the remarks on Tuesday while closing the 9th edition of Itolero Indangamirwa, which brings together youth studying overseas and local university bound students who excelled in their national high school exams.

The Itolero training took place in Gabiro, Gatsibo District, Rwanda.

In his closing address, President Kagame thanked the students, their parents and trainers for the work well done during the time the students spent in Gabiro.

He, however, affirmed that when the youth of a nation lack good upbringing they will not value their country and neither will they value themselves.

“We need to start inculcating good values in our children so that we can create a nation of people who value self respect,” he advised.


President Kagame told the students that Itolero was a meaningful training that added value to formal education.

He said the training they had received should cleanse them of their personal inadequacies and make them better people moving forward.

During the subsequent interactive session, the students shared their experiences and appreciated the training they had been given.

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