Kagame: Every Rwandan Must Benefit from Gov’t Projects

President Paul Kagame on Wednesday assured voters in Bugesera District that the RPF Inkotanyi philosophy entails building an inclusive society.

Kagame told residents that “We want everyone in Bugesera and every Rwandan to benefit from what we are doing to develop the country.”

Hitting at critics, kagame cited how Rwanda against all odds forged national unity despite its terrible history of divisive politics and persecution.

“If they can’t listen to us because we want to build the country they destroyed, then it’s up to them. They don’t understand how the country can be this unified today because they wanted to build Rwanda using the foundation of divisions,” he said.

He urged residents in Bugesera and all citizens to use the chances they currently have to build their country and freely live here.

“You now have a chance to live well here in Bugesera and in the entire country,” he said

The presidential aspirant went on to inform voters that “we have the chance and we have to use it to achieve many other things we still want to achieve.”

Thousands of supporters gathered to welcome Kagame in the area, notable among them PL Political Party President, Donatille Mukabalisa, who is also the current Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament.

Mukabalisa commended the RPF candidate for having stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, a message that so many people in Bugesera can relate with given the area was one of the places where the slaughter was first tried in the country before it was executed countrywide.

Herself a genocide survivor, Mukabalisa said that her party’s support to Kagame in the on-going campaign is a chance to join efforts to build a better Rwanda for all citizens.

“The partnership of political parties is for us a chance to continue working together to build the country we want,” she said.

The Liberal Party and seven other political parties supported the RPF candidate in the on-going campaign, a move that Kagame has welcomed.

He described it as an opportunity to combine forces and move together and faster to develop the country.

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