Kadaga’s Service Driven Leadership Revealed  

In Summary: In fulfilment of her 2016/2021 promises, Rebecca Kadaga facilitated the construction of 12 schools, 30 classroom blocks, 4 Health Centres III, one Health Centre IV, 2 Health Centres II, 2 science laboratories, 2 girls dormitories, 39 boreholes and gave out 574 and others.

In the last NRM primary elections, Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga registered the highest victory of 96% against her opponents in the Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament race. According to her campaign agent, Yoweri Kibikyo, the 96% victory did not come as a surprise to them because Mama, as Kadaga is fondly known, worked on her promises and voters evidently see them.

“Mama has passionately worked for her people and as we talk now, over 90% of her promises have been fulfilled and by May 2021 all will be accomplished,” said Kibikyo.

Kadaga’s team said their campaign work has been since everywhere they go, the achievements are seen and felt by the population.

Much of the list of the achievements accompanied by the pictures are majorly on education, health, income generating activities, electricity and water.


Kadaga has since the last elections supported the construction of primary, secondary and vocational schools in all the parishes in the 13 sub-counties including: Namwenda, Mbulamuti, Balawoli, Wankole, Butansi, Kitayunjwa, Magogo, Namasagali, Nawigulu, Kagumba, Nawanyango and Southern and Northern Divisions in Kamuli municipality.

In Namwenda sub-county, she founded Naalongo S.S, facilitated the construction of Isingo P.S, two classroom blocks in Nambaale P.S, 3 classroom blocks in Bugondha, Bulaga and Kayembe, teacher’s house in Galinandha, provided computers to Namwenda SS and Nalango Academy, gave out solar panels and bursaries to students in all villages.

In Mbulamuti sub-county, Kadaga supported the construction three primary schools in Kiyunga, St. Paul SS and supplied solar panels to 3 schools in Bugodha.


In Balawoli sub-county, she gave out iron sheets for the construction of dormitory in Bugaya S.S.

In Wankole sub-country, she facilitated the construction of eight classroom blocks in Luzinga SS, Buwala P/S and Kibeto P/S and provided solar panels, a science laboratory and girls’ dormitory in Luzinga S.S, a teacher’s house in Lulyambuzi P.S and gave 3 computers to Wankole P/S.

In Butansi sub-county Kadaga helped in the construction of Bugeywa S.S, built six classroom blocks at Buteta and Naibowa Muslim schools and bought land for St. Mulumba.

In Magogo sub-county, she constructed classroom blocks in Lwanyama P/S, Lwanyama, Kawule and Matuumu Nakanduli P/S, girl’s dormitory at Mutamu S.S.

In Kitayunjwa, the Speaker gave bursaries to students from all parishes, solar panels to St. Jacob and Bakamira primary schools, computers to Naminange primary school and supported Butende, Mukamira and Nabigongerya P/S.

In the municipal she facilitated the construction of a classroom block at Lubaga boys, built a teacher’s house at Kamuli-Namwendwa, gave computers to Busoga High School and Township P/S and supported Kamuli Girls Boarding Primary School and Alukudusi Vocational School.

In Namasagali sub-county she supported the building of schools in Nansololo, Kakanu, Bwiiza and Kadungu, donated solar panels to primary schools, computers, gave bursaries to the needy students and halted the closure of Busitema University.

In Nawigulu sub-county, Plan International, an organization brought by Kadaga, constructed schools in Buwanzu, Bulangila, Bwoko and Bugonde.

In Nawanyango sub-county, Kadaga constructed classroom blocks at Kamuli Girls College, gave computers, a bus and facilitated the electricity connection. She also assisted in the construction of Nawanyango technical school, built classroom blocks and teachers houses in Buyonda P/S and gave bursaries to students from all parishes.

In Kagumba sub-county, she built schools in the three parishes of Kilige, Kasolwe and Kagumba. Kadaga also facilitated the construction of Bishop Bamwoze College in the same sub-county.

Health Centres

The compassionate speaker financially contributed to the construction of three Health Centres III, two Health Centres IV, two Health Centres II and wards in existing health units in Kamuli district.

In Namwenda sub-county she provided beds and mattresses in Health Centre IV and Kyeya and in Mbulamuti sub-county Kadaga facilitated the construction of Health Centre III in Buwanhanha and Health Centre II in Bukose.

In Balawoli sub-county she gave out 15 mattresses to Health Centre III and 5 mattresses to Kawaga Health Centre II and also 5 mattresses to Namaira Health Centre II.

In Wankole sub-county, Kadaga supported the construction of Health Centre III in Lulyambuzi and in Butansi sub-county she provided mattresses to Bugeya Health Centre III and footed the medical care bill for people with albino.

In Magogo sub-county, she facilitated the construction of Nakandula Health Centre IV and donated mattresses to Kitaynujwa Health Centre II.

In the municipal Kamuli Mission Hospital got a bus and in Namasagali sub-county, Kadaga facilitated the establishment of Health Centre III and donated beds and mattresses.

Plan International constructed Namuyingi Health Centre III, and the Speaker made sure beds and mattresses reached Nabirumba Health Centre II.


Over 40 boreholes were drilled in all the parishes, piped water connected to many areas and four water irrigation points made.

In Namwenda sub-county 5 boreholes were drilled in the parishes of Kidiki, Bulugo and Kinu and piped water extended to Namwenda sub-county headquarters.

In Mbulamuti sub-county 4 boreholes completed in Buluya parish, piped water supply extended to the sub-county headquarters and in Balawoli sub-county two boreholes were drilled in Bugaya and Bunangwe.

In Wankole sub-county, Kadaga constructed boreholes in Bukubembhe, Butimbwa, Luzinga and Lulyambuzi and Nawondya primary school.

In Butansi sub-county work on water irrigation facility is going on in Busuuyi, a water source constructed in Naluwoli parish to serve 4 villages.

In Kitayunjwa sub-county 14 boreholes drilled in Nawango and Kitayunjwa parishes, borehole spare parts and repair done in all parishes

In Magogo sub-county, she drilled two boreholes in Butema parish and in the municipal, Buimbo also got a borehole. Boreholes were also completed in Kabaganda, Kasozi and Buwagi primary schools.

Agriculture and income generation

Over 570 animals were given out to groups and individuals for commercial keeping purposes, dairy projects, milk coolants, oxen ploughs.

Kadaga established piggery projects for youth groups in Nkaulyaku parish, Namasagli, Bwiiza, Nabwigulu, Namasagli and Kisaikye. Spray pumps, ox ploughs, improved grain seeds were given out to beneficiaries in Namwenda, Kitayunjwan, Busota, Nabwigulu and Namuyingi.

Buzaaya Dairy coolant has been established in Nanyango sub-county.

In Namwenda sub-county Kadaga gave out sewing machines to PWDs and women groups to generate income and improve on their standards of living. Widows have also been given handhoes.


Electricity connection has been extended to Mbulamuti sub-county, Wankole sub-county, Butansi sub-county, Kamuli-Namwenda parish and Namaira, thanks to Kadaga’s leadership. Kadaga bought transformer for Naminange.



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