Kadaga’s Office Rubbishes Nankabirwa’s “Disloyalty” Rant

The office of the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has rubbished the statement made by the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa in which she accused the speaker of being disloyal to the National Resistance Movement party.

Nankabirwa in a WhatsApp voice note and texts sent to various NRM forums, said Kadaga was disloyal, in an apparent support for the junior lands minister Persis Namuganza.

A brief response from the Principal Press Secretary to the Speaker, Sam Obbo, stated that the Government Chief Whip’s statement was “grossly unfair” and a misrepresentation of multiparty system.

“For starters, while in the August House, the Speaker has to take an objective rather than a subjective stance. Therefore, what’s perceived as betrayal or hobnobbing with the Opposition is way off the mark,” said Obbo.

He wondered how Nankabirwa expects business to be conducted in Parliament without other parties represented in the house also being involved.

“What kind of Legislature would Uganda have if the Speaker were to be partisan on each and every motion, debate or submission on the floor?” he asked.

“Suffice to point out that the Speaker commands a lot of respect across the political divide and beyond Uganda’s borders because of her objective manner of weighing the pros and cons of whatever issue is debated,” he noted.

He concluded that the members of the NRM delegates’ conference, who are going to elect vice chairpersons on Thursday, will support Kadaga based on her personality.


“In the spirit of fair play, she isn’t obliged to wear subjective lenses. The electorate, for the CEC post, across the country, will certainly weigh her strength and do the needful — inspite of the wishes of naysayers,” he said.

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