Kadaga to Rema: I Have Seen You, Dr. Hamza Trending in News

The Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, graced song bird Rema Namakula’s concert last Friday.

Kadaga revealed that Rema asked her to come for the concert which she accepted because she likes supporting girls and women in their careers and initiatives.

“I like supporting girl children and women in their efforts to make Uganda a better country. There is no way l could have missed this concert. I have been seeing her trending in the news with Dr. Hamza Sebunya recently.”

Rema with husband Hamza Sebunya on stage during the concert held Friday at Hotel Africana

The concert, which was recorded as a great success, was held in Kampala at Hotel Africana. Kampala had numerous shows happening of Friday night but Rema had a full house to her advantage.

“When Rema asked me to come to her concert and told me it will be in the evening, I told her l will be in Busoga during day and l would come back in the evening to attend,” said Kadaga.

Singer Rema performing, in yet another disco-light themed attire.

She urged Ugandans to continue supporting Rema in her singing career.

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