Kadaga To Meet Museveni Over Fraud Victims

Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has promised to meet President Yoweri Museveni on behalf of over 5000 Ugandans that were ripped off in a Ponzi scheme by Dunamiscoins, a fraudulent cryptocurrency company.

The speaker on Wednesday met delegation of those affected by this scam which was led by Arthur Asiimwe.

The victims narrated to the speaker that this company enticed them with huge returns off small deposits.

“As little as Shs 10,000 shillings could be invested and the total amount invested was over 20 billion. Unfortunately, it is not clear to us how much of this money is still available in the banks,” he stated.

“They told us if you deposited one million, you would get 30% after 21 working days. But if it exceeded two months, you would earn 40%,” said one of the victims.

The group said they didn’t become suspicious because the business was operating normally and openly, and even had an operating license from the Uganda Micro Finance Regulatory Authority (UMRA).

“The company established its headquarters in a central business district of Kampala city, rebranded the offices and even advertised with van drives throughout the city,” he said.

While two of its directors have since been apprehended, Asiimwe told the speaker that they have neither been helped to access their money that was frozen on the company’s account.


“FIA froze Dunamiscoins resources LTD accounts with over 10.7 billion shillings… We have so far lost 7 members and likely to lose more due to stress,” he explained.

Responding on this matter, Kadaga promised that she was going to meet the president to this effect and communicate back to the victims.

“First of all I will visit the President at his residence today and ask him whether he received your complaints, and why he has not answered the letters,” she revealed. “

“He will probably inform us about what he intends to do as the president of the nation about this theft,” Kadaga added.

In the same vein, she promised to meet the minister of finance and officials from the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) before plenary next week on Tuesday.

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