Kadaga Roots for Rugumayo, Butagira, Kigongo Retirement Benefits

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has called on the Ministry of Public Service to plan for the retirement benefits of former Speakers, who are not catered for in the current pension regime.

Kadaga during her communication while chairing the Parliament plenary session on Tuesday said the recent Administration of Judiciary Act passed and assented to by the President Yoweri Museveni has catered for the retired Chief Justices and Deputies who are entitled to a monthly salary till death.

Former Speakers of Parliament including, Hajji Moses Kigongo, who served as the Vice Chairman of National Resistance Council (5th Parliament) from 1980 to I996 (he chaired most sessions since Chairman President Museveni was most times engaged elsewhere) are not catered for in the Parliamentary Pension Act. Francis K. Butagira served as the Chairman of National Assembly (4th Parliament) from 1989 to 1985 and Edward Rugumayo served as the Chairman of National Consultative Council (3rd Parliament) from 1979 to 1980.

The current Parliamentary Pension Scheme (as amended) only catered for retiring Speakers from 7th Parliament (Chaired by Edward Ssekandi).

The Speaker wants the trio who are still alive to also be considered.

“When we were considering the Administration of Judiciary Bill, we provided for the existing and retired judges. This reminded me that there is a category of people we have not handled; the former Speakers of Parliament,” said Kadaga.

She noted that the trio did commendable job for the nation and deserves to be gratified.

“We have right honorable Moses Kigongo, Francis Butagira and Edward Rugumayo who are still living. I want the Minister of Public Service to advise what he plans to do for the retirement benefits for those senior citizens who did commendable job for the nation but are not catered for,” added Kadaga.


A retired Chief Justice is now entitled to among others a monthly allowance equivalent to the basic salary payable to a sitting Chief Justice, until he or she dies. He or she is also entitled to a Shs 400m house payment, medical allowance, 200m chauffer driven car and others.


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