Kadaga Promises “Harassment” for Those That Undermine Parliament

Going into 2020, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has warned that the house will “continue to harass” those that undermine its authority.

Speaking to the press on Friday, Kadaga decried the growing tendency of government officials undercooking parliament, which she said was ‘frustrating’ and ‘annoying.’

“Yes it is true that it can be frustrating when what you are doing is in the public interest but the people with whom you are dealing with are focused on other things,” she said.

“So what I can say is that we shall not stop harassing them. We will keep on harassing them until eventually we come together,” Kadaga added.

Her response was prompted by questions as to whether the house’s decision yesterday to halt the operations of the UPDF’s Fisheries Protection Unit would be respected.


On November 14, Kadaga bashed National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislators for rubberstamping Makerere University’s 15% tuition increment at a party caucus, yet they were aware of parliament’s stand on the matter.

“I just want to reiterate honorable members, stop undermining parliament. Stop undermining this institution,” she said then.


Giving an update about the matter today, Kadaga disclosed that the education committee’s report into Makerere University’s student’s protests in November was almost complete.

“The report came but there was an area which was not satisfactory which we are still completing. And I have written to those who made allegations to bring evidence so that the committee can complete their work,” she explained.


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