Kadaga Orders High Risk MP Out of Parliament Over Coronavirus

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga on Thursday ordered Kilak North County Member of Parliament to leave the house to protect fellow MPs from the deadly Coronavirus.

The MP was ordered to immediately exit the chambers shortly after commencement of the plenary session.

Kadaga took the precautionary measure after learning that the MP had just returned from one of the most severely affected countries.

MP Akol had told the house when he rose up to give a point of information, that he had just  returned from South Korea on 5th March this year but had not been checked for the Coronavirus.

South Korea has the second largest prevalence of the deadly COVID-19 disease after China.

As of yesterday Wednesday, over 7800 cases had been confirmed there, while the deaths exceeded 60.

Uganda as one of the few remaining countries that haven’t registered a single case, is on high alert.

Yesterday the Health Ministry announced that all travellers coming into the country will have to be sprayed with a disinfectant.


The ministry also expanded its travel restriction to 16 countries, among the United States, the UK and Korea.

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