Kadaga Orders Blacklist of Ministers Dodging Parliament

The Speaker of Parliament, troche Rebecca Kadaga has ordered for the blacklist of ministers dodging parliamentary debate and derailing business in the house.

Ms. Kadaga made the orders on Tuesday following a move started by the Dokolo Woman MP, doctor Cecilia Ogwal who asked the former to rein on the members of Executive for taking parliamentary responsibilities casually and deciding to continuously stay away from the building that is near to most of their offices.

According to Ogwal, the absence of Cabinet members who are supposed to present, explain and defend government positions in the national assembly, is deliberate.

“Madam Speaker, we need to hear from the Government Chief Whip why the ministers are always not here. It looks to be an intended move,” she said.

The Dokolo strong woman, who is also a Parliamentary Commissioner, stressed that the numbers of ministers have been increased but it remains a mystery why they are scarce at Parliament.

“The Cabinet was increased recently and we expected work to be moving so fast. It is however hard to tell why many are proving to be nowhere near us.”

The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa has on many occasions represented the absent ministers.

Nankabirwa also had no clear answer to tell the house and instead asked the legislature to find a solution.


“The same ministers face members in different committees and in the house here. A solution can also be arrived at from here,” Ms. Nankabirwa said.

The Speaker simply acted by ordering the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Kibirige to list down the names of ministers who have been “perpetually” dodging the plenary sittings.

“I want the Clerk to name all the minsters that have been perpetually missing. We shall publish their names,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker however didn’t mention the next course of action against the ministers to be affected.

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