Kadaga: Minister Kibuule Had a Gun At Parliament

State Minister for Water Resources, Ronald Kibuule has been suspended from Parliament for possession of a firearm inside the August House.

MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Tuesday alleged that Kibuule had threatened to kill him.

Nganda further alleged that Kibuule had walked into the chambers with a gun.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga responded by ordering a physical check of all MPs but no gun was found.

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Kadaga, however, promised to use the Parliament CCTV Cameras to establish whether indeed Kibuule had a gun.

During today’s plenary session, Kadaga confirmed that Kibuule was armed.

“Honorable members, I’ve got reliable information that the Honorable Kibuule had a gun,” said Kadaga, confirming opposition MPs’ accusations.

It remains unclear why Kibuule entered Parliament with a firearm.


Such weapons are supposed to be deposited with security personnel before accessing the House.

Meanwhile, Kibuule is among several MPs suspended from the House for three sittings due to misconduct.

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