Kadaga Launches Apollo Makubuya Book on Concealed British Colonial Machinations

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday launched a book written by Buganda Kingdom’s 3rd Deputy Premier and also Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Apollo Makubuya on the largely concealed 1984-1962 British colonial machinations.

The book titled: “Protection, Patronage or Plunder?” also gives insight into Buganda’s struggle for independence, the Kingdom’s relationship with the then colonial British and the consequences on Buganda’s socio-economic and political standing to date.

Makubuya, who holds first class law degree from Makerere University and a graduate of prestigious United Kingdom’s Cambridge University, said the early British Protectorate administrators deliberately “plundered” and disempowered Buganda Kingdom after making it part of their colonial empire.

“Early administrators in the region encountered the progressive kingdom of Buganda, which they incorporated into the British Empire. Under the guise of protection, indirect rule and patronage, Britain overran, plundered and disempowered the kingdom’s traditional institutions,” said part of the condensed introduction of the book.

A staunch Kingdom loyalist also rumored to be the next Katikiro, Makubuya as well stated in his book that the fusion of Buganda into the British rule in Uganda, remotely controlled thousands of miles away from London, is responsible for the continuous Mengo’s eggshell relationship with the central government.

“On liquidation of the Empire, Buganda was coaxed into a problematic political order largely dictated from London. Today, 56 years after independence, the kingdom struggles to rediscover itself within Uganda’s fragile politics.”

The Speaker praised Makubuya for committing time and capitalizing on his access to the latest declassified information currently in the British archives to write what she termed as a well-researched book.

“The little I have got from here tells a lot about the book. I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Apollo Makubuya for coming up with this well researched book,” said Kadaga.


Kadaga, in agreement with the book, informed the audience filled mainly by Buganda Kingdom officials led by Katikiro, Peter Mayiga that she ever witnessed someone killed in the then Naguru estates for breaching the British imposed curfew.

“Many things happened during the colonial rule and some or many were not documented. My first time to see a dead body was at Naguru estates. We were told that he was killed for going against the curfew,” added Kadaga.

Makubuya told his rich spectators who included former Principal Judge, Justice James Ogoola; former Attorney General, Prof. Khidu Makubuya; Makerere University Law Professor, Oloka Onyango that the declassified material unearthed a lot about the hidden colonial history.

“Based on newly de-classified records, this book reconstructs a history of the machinations underpinning British imperial interests in (B) Uganda and the personalities who embodied colonial rule. It addresses Anglo-Uganda relations, demonstrating how Uganda’s politics reflects its colonial past, and the forces shaping its future.”

Adding: “It is a far-reaching examination of British rule in (B)uganda, questioning whether it was designed for protection, for patronage or for plunder.”



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