Kadaga: Government to Boost Agriculture Funding

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has assured Ugandan farmers that Government respects the Malabo declaration which calls for the African states to allocate 10% of their national budget to agriculture sector.

The speaker, who was launching the skills development program for farmers at the headquarters of a farmers’ association in Kamuli district, said that Government and parliament are committed to ensure that the performance of the agricultural sector improves so that more money is generated from the sector.

“We have been trying hard to push for this 10% allocation to agriculture in the last many years, but now I assure you, we are going to see this soon; I promise you soon agriculture shall get its glory,” said Kadaga.

Kadaga challenged farmers from Kamuli district to ensure that their children also participate in the Agriculture sector instead of leaving it to the ageing population.

She noted that the younger generation have the capacity to adopt modern farming practices and once such practices are adopted they can push up the performance of the sector.

Kamuli District Farmers Association chairperson Vincent Galisansana asked the speaker to fast-track the budget allocation to enable Ugandan farmers’ access to better resources for better production if the sector is to perform better.

“As farmers from Kamuli District we challenge you as our leaders to ensure that Government allocates enough resources in the sector so that local farmers can have access to cheap Agricultural inputs on the market. The local farmers currently cannot afford to buy agro-related inputs because they are expensive thus keeping farmers in practicing traditional farming systems,” he said.

The President of Uganda National Farmer’s Federation Dr. Dick Nuwamanya Kamuganga assured farmers that the federation in partnership with the private sector is going to work together to ensure that farmers have access to quality Agricultural inputs.


He added that the federation through the skills development program will train Ugandan farmers with basic farming skills which he said will help them to improve their production level.

Under this program, the farmers’ federation intends to equip over 500 farmer groups with basic skills in agro-business and agronomy.




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