Kadaga: Do not Politicise Abiriga Murder

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has preached unity in the face of terror, saying the assassination of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga should not be politicised.

“Ordinarily we aren’t supposed to be here on Sunday. But the number is big and that tells us who Abiriga was,” said Kadaga in her opening remarks at Parliament today.

“We are here to thank God for the gift of Abiriga. He was a good man. His death shouldn’t be politicized,” she added.

Abiriga and his brother who was a serving soldier in the UPDF were killed in a township near the MP’s residence in Kawanda, Wakiso District on Friday.

President Museveni has since directed security forces to hunt down the suspected killers.

Kadaga said Abiriga’s love for the party leader was more than for the party itself.

She said death had “robbed us of a noble character” and a “jovial man.”

President Museveni has warned that Abiriga’s killers intend to fight the ruling NRM which he said was a costly venture.


Museveni said the assassins would pay with their own blood.


Kadaga called for a robust investigation into the state of insecurity in Uganda.

“When the murder of children started, we brushed it off. Then they came for women and prostitutes. Muslim clerics followed.  We are still waiting for the reports,” said Kadaga.

“Now the killing has come to this house. Let us rise and talk about the security in this country. Insecurity has no color or party,” charged Kadaga amid applause from both sides of the house.

Kadaga emphasised that NRM was celebrated for bringing security but that “Now security has become a privilege. I’m wondering who killed Abiriga. He was a straight person.”

Kadaga urged government to take charge of the security of the nation.

Hon Andrew Baryayanga (Kabale Municipality) seconded the motion for Parliament to pay tribute to the late Abiriga.

He described Abiriga as “a great and open minded” person, adding, “It’s time Ugandans demanded to know what is happening concerning security.”

He said Ugandans deserve better.

Hon Hood Katuramu praised Abiriga’s modesty.

“Humility and calmness are rare qualities few people have. Hon. Abiriga had them,” said Katuramu.

“Abiriga hasn’t been missing any meeting of Muslim parliamentary caucus. He would attend all and our joint prayer at Parliament mosque. We’re going to miss him.”

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