Kadaga Defensive on ‘Coronavirus Cure’; Blasts Doctors’ Association

Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga remains defensive on her Coronavirus cure claims despite being assured by medical professionals that treatment or vaccine for the virus is yet to be found even by the best laboratories in the world.

Kadaga has gone after the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) which on Tuesday issued a statement condemning her earlier claims about discovery of a Coronavirus cure.

UMA in their statement condemned the Speaker’s claims as “dangerous” stressing that the deadly COVID 19 disease is still cureless.

However, presiding over Parliament today afternoon, Kadaga fired back at body for not seeking clarification on what she exactly meant before rushing to the press something she said exposed them as people who lack intellect.

“I would have thought that if the Uganda Medical Association had brains they would first come to me and said we heard you talk about this, can you tell us what it is? But they went and issued a press statement,” she responded.

Kadaga said whereas previous disinfectants have showed to be effective on bacteria, Prof. Safraz Niaz had made a break through discovery of one that effectively kills corona virus in a matter of seconds.

This disinfectant she said was not fake as some were saying but had undergone clinical trials in the United States of America and the Scottish capital of Glasgow with its certificate justifying what is written on the tin.

Furthermore, Kadaga defended Prof. Niaz whom she said had written a number of academic missives and has solely invented over one hundred pharmaceutical patents in the United States of America.


Social media outrage

But Ugandans took to social media, telling off Kadaga to stick to Parliament work instead of making executive statements on matters she is clueless about.

Marvin Saasi, a lawyer, said Kadaga does not appear to have done “enough due diligence about the alleged Coronavirus cure before you addressed the public and the house about it and announced how that cure would be manufactured here in Uganda soon.”

He added: “We also think that telling us how Magoola comes from your home, Busoga, was inappropriate in these circumstances. It has compelled us to think that perhaps when you learnt that he is a tribe-mate, your sub conscience may have been manipulated in such a way that you ended up making less scrutiny about this alleged cure than you should have.”

“Let it also be known to you that any further statement you can make on this matter pales in significance and will be taken as mere posturing when juxtaposed with the authoritative statement released by the Uganda Medical Association today morning. You are not authoritative about this matter. But they are.”

Uganda Medical Association today said the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus (the cause of COVID19) is a new strain of coronaviruses which was only discovered to cause human disease less than 3 months ago in Wuhan, China.

“To date, there is no single medicine that can cure this disease or a vaccine that can prevent it, much as many are being tested. Any unevidenced claim of a treatment or cure without due scientific evidence and corroboration by a competent institution mandated to regulate medicines is not only incorrect, gives false hope but may also be dangerous. Instead, it diverts the population from known and effective preventive messages,” the association warned Kadaga.

Observers say by pushing for a meeting between Magoola and Safraz with President Museveni, Kadaga could be looking for political capital ahead of the 2021 elections.


Kadaga defended Safraz, saying he has “written more than 100 books and developed more than 3000 formulations which, he has donated to the DEI firm to help Uganda become self-sufficient in essential medicines so that we stop importing.”

However, the Professor has previously been accused of fraud and failing to properly assign patents in United States.

Kadaga claimed that Safraz helped formulate “Obama Care” a health insurance law in the US, a claim that was instantly contested on social media.

The speaker was informed that Obama care had nothing to do with inventing vaccines or treatment.

The speaker also defended, Mathias Magoola the proprietor of DEI firm which is going to be manufacturing the disinfectant saying she had visited two of his pharmaceuticals and that they were functional.

“He has established two industries one in Luzira which is already manufacturing malaria drugs and cancer drugs and I have been there. The second is in Matugga its going to be the biggest pharmaceutical in this continent.”

Yet, Magoola, a controversial businessman who accompanied a ‘scientist’ to meet with President Museveni to discuss measures of countering the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda was once arrested in India in a $20m fraud case.

Kadaga said the purpose of Prof. Safraz visit over the weekend was to help Magoola with technical expertise and had donated a patent required to manufacture the disinfectant.

“But I believe there are those who represent the interests of those companies. They are the ones now fighting without even understanding what we are talking about,” she wrapped it up.

On Facebook, Marvin Saasi told Kadaga to “understand that we are not insulting you. We are simply breathing life into National Objective and Directive Principle of State Policy No. XXVI of the 1995 Constitution which mandates the public to hold public servants like you accountable for the misleading statements you make in public about such a matter of grave public interest as the Coronavirus pandemic.”

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