Kadaga Calls for ‘Landlord and Tenants Law’ as KACITA Threatens Demonstration

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has asked the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to fast track the ‘Landlord and Tenants’ Act, amid threat of demonstration by the Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) over the delayed enactment of the same.

Addressing the House on Wednesday, the Speaker said she recently received a demand from KACITA for Parliament to speed up the enactment of the act due to the challenges they face as the business community.

“They told me that unless we enact the law on Landlord and Tenants by July 6th, they are going to match on the streets of Kampala; they are under a mistaken impression that Parliament has delayed the law but this is not true,” the Speaker said.

In June 2016, this matter was raised in the house and the Minister of Housing and Urban Development promised that they were bringing the law.

“I want to know when this law is coming because it has to do with a very important sector of our economy,” said Kadaga, urging the responsible Ministers to do the needful or inform the House when the bill will be tabled.

The draft Landlord and Tenants Bill 2016 seeks to regulate the relationship between a landlord and a tenant and seeks to repeal the Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act (Cap 76) and the Rent Restriction Act (Cap 231).

The draft Bill also seeks to cap rental increases to a rate of six percent annually or such other percentage as may be prescribed by the Minister and provides that rent shall not be increased within the first twelve months of the tenancy.

It is envisaged that the provision once passed by Parliament will help carb the tendency by Land lords hiking rent at their wish.

Under the bill, if a tenant fails to pay rent and is in arrears, a landlord is prohibited from locking the premises and must apply to court to recover the rent.

A landlord will be required to pay for all initial installations costs and charges of electricity, water, gas or oil supply and all utility charges that are not separately metered.

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