KACITA Explains Wednesday Clash With Vendors

Kampala City Traders though their association KACITA yesterday mobilized and conducted an attack on vendors operating the city center.

The traders were involved in physical fights with the vendors who they accuse of feeding off their sweat.

The incident happened as the Minister in Charge of Kampala Beti Kamya was trumpeting a total ban on venders in Kampala at the Uganda Media Center, buy information pills with a stern directive to the KCCA enforcement team to “forcefully take them off the streets.”

The traders hold that the vendors who often sell their merchandise in front of their shops are not only unregulated, symptoms but also most of them are thieves, con men and don’t pay taxes.

Speaking to Chimpreports after the impasse, the KACITA publicist Issa Sekitto said most of the vendors are in this business because they don’t want to pay rent.

The presence of vendors on the streets, Sekitto said, was unfair to traders who pay high rents and taxes and then have to compete with the vend0rs whose merchandize is often much cheaper.

“We as KACITA are not happy; we pay a lot in taxes and rent and then these people just come and take it all. Businesses are not so good yet we have to keep afloat. That’s why vendors should also leave and get their own shops.” he said.

Earlier this year the President Yoweri Museveni gave a directive off city venders, accusing KCCA of killing his votes while harassing such indigents looking for a living.


However, while responding to the president’s directive, Minister Kamya said her order to do away with street vendors was informed by public demand.

Kampala is one of the fastest growing cities with a very high population of unemployed youths. Research shows that nearly 80% of the vendors in the city are women and youths who struggle to make ends meet.

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