Kabuleta Preaches ‘Financial Liberation for All’ after Nomination as Presidential Candidate

Renowned City Pastor Joseph Kabuleta has today stated that the sole reason he is contesting is to send an unclouded message to President Yoweri Museveni’s regime.

“I am here to give a message that the resources and wealth of this country do not belong to one family and their hangers on but all Ugandans,” he stated.

Addressing the press at Nakawa on his way to the Kyambogo Presidential Nomination Center, Kabuleta said this election was of critical importance especially considering the fact that Ugandans are not benefiting from Uganda’s enormous resources.

Apparently, he said, Uganda is just a family business and majority of Ugandans are slaves adding that this is why his message is anchored on financial liberation.

“My emphasis is on issues concerning money, income and things like that. So we are here to fight poverty and that’s what I am here to do,” Kabuleta explicitly stated.

However, asked why he was not so concerned about political liberation, he elaborated that the two are inseparable and almost indistinguishable but insisted that financial liberation is the only key that shall transform Uganda.

“It depends on what you think it’s like a hen and an egg…. we have people for instance blacks in South Africa who will say we got political independence and not financial independence. On the other hand it’s important for political independence but more important for people to be financially liberated,” he explained.

Joseph Kabuleta’s three car convoy that escorted him to Kyambogo Presidential nomination center.

“And that’s why the government extra money does not get into the hands of the people because poor people are easy to manipulate. So when they get financial liberation, it will be easy for them to consequently change governments easily and they shall not witness a scenario where they are ruled 35 years by one old despot,” he concluded.


His other competitor Fred Mwesigye differed saying, “God is the only solution to the nation and the love based on God is the only solution.”

Short of that, Mwesigye said, not even the multi party dispensation and other Political gimmicks offer no solution.

“Political parties are not the answer to this nation, character assassination is not the answer to this nation. There is only one answer; God is the answer to this nation. Love based. If they have the fear of God there are things they won’t do,” he summarized.


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