Kabuleta Invades Music Scene as Campaigns Heat Up

By Amos Mugisa

Presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta has invaded his rival, Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi on his turf. Bobi Wine has used music to disseminate his message of freedom. And now, the controversial journalist turned Pastor is reported to have gathered some artists under the banner of Production and Promotion Company REDFog to release two Afro-Pop songs propagating his Financial Liberation message.

One of the songs, titled ‘Tetuli Kukatale’ paints a grim picture of the financial situation of Ugandans and presents Kabuleta as the ultimate solution.

“Why is Uganda a land of dreams fulfilled for foreigners but a land of broken dreams for Ugandans,” the lyrics ask, in Luganda, suggesting that it is foreigners who seem to profit most from this country’s resources.

The other song titled ‘Ensi Yaffe, by Richie Talent, makes creative use of the aspirant’s name, saying Kabuleta aleta, but pushing the same message, urging Ugandans to vote for real change.

These songs are inspired by Kabuleta’s most recognizable video clip called ‘Uganda’s Economic Civil War’ which shows how Uganda’s natural resources are benefiting just a small number of people at the top of the pyramid whom he called the Indomitable, at the detriment of the majority of Ugandans who are at the bottom, called the Spacefillers.

Both songs created a huge splash within the entertainment industry as could be seen on Kabuleta’s social media platforms.

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