Kabila Calls for Quick Implementation of Uganda-DR Congo Mineral Pact

Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila has observed the need to pursue the management of shared natural resources between DRC and Uganda as stipulated in the already adopted agreement which is yet to be implemented.

Clause (1) in Article 4 of the Arusha pact between Uganda and Congo on security and oil, reads: “The Parties (DRC and Uganda) agree to ensure and facilitate cooperation in all economic fields of common interest, particularly the use and management of transboundary living resources.”

The above, according to the agreement, would help in harmonizing and adopting best practices for preserving trans-boundary resources such as crops, animals, fisheries, forests and national parks, for mutual benefit.

President Kabila made the call as he welcomed Ambassador-designate of Uganda to the DRC, James Mbahimba, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mbahimba presented his credentials to Kabila on Saturday September 2 at State House, Kinshasa.

He was accompanied by his spouse Catherinne Mbahimba and the Mission’s Minister Counselor Brig. Gen. Julius Chihandae.

President Kabila also observed that Uganda and the DRC are “brothers who must depend on one other. “

He also appreciated Uganda’s proposal of extending electric power to Beni.

Mbahimba, on his part, emphasized that he would ensure that relations between Uganda and the DRC were strengthened even more.


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