Kabaziguruka Misses Court as More Suspects Challenge Trial in Army Court

Nakawa Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka has failed to appear before Makindye General Court martial where he is facing Treachery charges alongside 24 others.

Officer from Kigo Government Prison informed court today that Hon Kabaziguruka was unable to appear in court because was unwell and was undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, sildenafil another suspect Alex Alege was today charged alongside the other 23 and he pleaded not guilty.

The charges were read to all suspects, viagra but some of them pleaded guilty while others declined to take plea saying that they had a number of issues to bring to the attention of court at the same time
objecting to being tried in court martial when they are civilians.

Assistant Inspector of Police Ferdinand Obulejjo when asked to take his plea on the charges preferred against him, thumb he informed court that it was no fair to try him in a General Court martial when he was
arrested alone at his place of work without any military equipment.

“It’s unfair to keep us in Prison for almost 2months when some of our relatives are not aware of our whereabouts. We are happy that that state provided us with a lawyer but he can’t help us when he has never met us in person to discuss with him the matters regarding this case.”

Obulejjo added that since the military system goes by hierarchy, they have little hope that a defense lawyer who is below the rank of the court chairman can succeed in helping them out.

However, this concern was rejected by Court Chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti who informed him that he has no right to address the court on any other matter apart from taking his plea.


Later, the other aggrieved suspects through the defense counsel Maj Ronald Iduuli also challenged the jurisdiction of court martial to try them when they are not attached to the army.

In his submission Maj. Ronald Iduuli informed court that Accused (A)21 Namara also challenges his trial in this court because he ceased to be a soldier on 19 December 2012 when he was dismissed from the army with disgrace.

“The accused says that he was arrested alone at Kisseka Market on his way back home, he doesn’t know any of the accused persons, and was not arrested with any military equipment”

Lutwama Musa also challenged being tried in this court adding that it’s the High court which has powers to try civilians like him not the General court martial

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