Kabaziguruka: Court Martial has no Powers to cancel my Bail

Following the issuance of arrest orders by the Court Martial against him, decease Nakawa Municipality legislator, prostate Michael Kabaziguruka said today that the army court committed an illegality since it has no power to cancel his bail.

The Makindye General Court Martial issued an arrest warrant to Kabaziguruka for skipping court on two occasions for mention of the case where he is accused of Treachery alongside others including UPDF officers.

The Court Martial Registrar Major John Bizimana told court that on Friday last week, he called Hon Kabaziguruka informing him about this week’s sitting, but that the MP told him that he was advised by his lawyers not to return to this court until the matter before constitutional court where he challenges the army court’s powers to try civilians, is disposed of.

“I’m not at all worried because I was granted by Bail by the High Court of Uganda and if I in anyway defaulted on the conditions set by the High Court, then it is the High Court that would consider cancelling the bail that was given to me not the officers sitting in a tribunal in Makindye,” Kabaziguruka told the media at Parliament.

Kabaziguruka advised the army court if in discontent, to file a formal application to the High Court to have his bail cancelled.

“Until then I am here to represent my people of Nakawa that entrusted me to represent them and I will continue doing that,” Kabaziguruka noted.

Kabaziguruka highlighted that he has a Court order from the Constitutional Court which he obtained on January 17, 2017 whre he challenged the constitutionality of the Court martial and stopping his trial in the same Court on an interim basis.

“That order has since been extended five times, the last time was on May 3rd when we appeared in Court.”

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