Kabarole Hospital Doctors Face Axe Over Soaring Maternal Mortality

Doctors at Fort Portal Regional Hospital are on the spot after Kabarole district councilors decided to take action against their negligence that has led to an unprecedented rise in maternal mortality.

The councilors have asked the District Speaker Clovis Mugabo to call for an extraordinary council meeting during Christmas to deliberate on how to handle the matter.

This came after yet another mother – the sixth one in a few months — Harriet Mbabazi, store sales 28 from Magunga village in Mugusu Sub County, seek died in labor at the hospital on Tuesday.

During her burial on Wednesday, healing mourners angrily attacked the medics accusing them of neglecting and mistreating expectant mothers.

Mbabazi, who was scheduled for C-section, bled to death as none of the 6 doctors at the hospital responded in time despite the frantic calls from her relatives to save her.

Jorum Bintamanya, the councilor representing South Division, Fort Portal blamed the negligence of doctors on government that liberated them to operate private clinics.

Bintamanya, an activist said that they have ordered the District Speaker to convene an extraordinary council meeting to discuss penalties for the medics at the hospital that might include firing a number of them.

A Police investigation has been opened up against the medics following the death of Mbabazi.


The Councilor said that the council, NGOs and locals would pile pressure on police to fully investigate the hospital and have the responsible people prosecuted.

A local catechist while preaching at Mbabazi’s burial said she had been murdered by the doctors.


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