Kabamba Case: Witness Fails to Identify his Bosses as Cross Examination Closes

Private Norman Sembatya, page a prosecution witness who has been on the stand for about 2 years in the case where 14 people are accused of attacking Kabamba Army Barracks; today climaxed his dramatic cross examination before the Makindye General Court Martial.

The State witness in all the previous sessions has not failed to occasionally send the court room into hearty laughter, and today was no different.

Tasked by defense counsel Fredrick Ssemwanga to tell court who he worked with to arrest the suspects, he said these were four people, including his boss whose full names he said he couldn’t remember, although he still works with them.

“We recovered the phones from the accused persons while I was working with Baguma, Innocent, and Captain Agaba with others but I was reporting to Afande Mugarura our boss,” he said.

On whether he has ever made or seen a search certificate for any of the places where he claimed they recovered the exhibits Sembatya answered in the negative, adding that he was sure in his mind that all the evidence adduced against the accused was legally obtained and belonged to the accused.

Sembatya also denied knowledge of the Ipsum vehicle Registration number UAN 4333C  which is an exhibit in this matter; although he has been arrested more than once in the same vehicle for traffic offences, some of which cases have been reported in the news.

Meanwhile the defense won a plea to have the witness compelled to write on a CD, the same words he wrote on a CD containing alleged voices of some of suspects which he claims to have taped secretly.

The two writings will be tested by hand writing experts.


Court Martial Chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti has adjourned this matter to 7th November for re examination of the witness by the state Prosecution.


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