Kabale University Takes Land Demand to Education Minister

The administration of Kabale University has petitioned the Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, accusing Kabale District Local Government of failing to honour their request of granting them additional land.

The land stalemate in question is part of the resolutions of the 30th January 2020 meeting at State House in Nakasero in which both parties agreed on calling for a district council meeting to further discuss the land question.

Chimp Reports managed to look at the petition letter dated 20th February, 2020, in which the University Council Chairperson, Manzi Tumubweine, accused the local government of failing to organize the said meeting.

“Madam Minister, you will recall that the meeting that you convened and chaired agreed that the chairperson of Kabale district local government, Mr Patrick Besigye Keihwa would work with the district council speaker to call a district council meeting on February 28,” the letter reads in part.

“So far, the council members and the staff have not been notified. It’s rumoured that the district leadership does believe that there is no urgency in allocating this additional land to Kabale University. If this council meeting does not take place as scheduled, it means no council minute will be available to enable Kabale University to attain this land,” the letter adds.

Keihwa insistsn that once the matter is tabled for discussion, they will go with the decision of district council.

The university made the first attempt to acquire the land in 2007 with the then IGG, Justice Faith Mwondha quashing the demand saying they cannot claim what does not belong to them.

In May 2013, University went ahead to petition the high court but they lost the case.


Keihwa instead accuses the University of targeting the district land of up to 91 acres that are adjacent to the campus.

The University acquired a charter from the National Council for Higher Education in 2014 and was soon taken over by the government in 2015 as a public University.

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