Kabale Taxi Operators Ditch Covid19 SOPS

Taxi Operators in Kabale town has stopped implementing standard operating procedures that were put in place by government to control the spread of Coronavirus in resumption of public transport operations in border districts.

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday June 22nd 2020 allowed 32 border districts including Kabale, to resume public transport while observing certain measures such ensuring that each passenger washes their hands with water and soap or sanitizers, wears a face mask and maintains social distance.

At Kabale Taxi Park located in front of the Kabale Municipality yard in Kigongi, the Chairperson of Kabale Taxi Operators Association Justus Muhwezi Katabazi told our reporter that they are enforcing hand washing and wearing of a face mask to every passenger before they enter a taxi.

However, with the presence of water and detergents in place for passengers to wash their hands, many of them were seen entering taxis without washing and others without face masks.

At Kisoro Taxi Park commonly known as Esso, there were no washing facilities and the passengers were entering taxis without face masks.

A driver who preferred anonymity told our reporter that they contributed and bought a jerry can, and detergents but wondered why it was not placed in the park.

At Katuna Taxi Park, a Jerrycan of water and detergents were placed in the park but the passengers were entering the vehicles without washing and not putting on face masks.

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