Kabale RDC Moves to Block Discussion of Age Limit On Radios

An altercation broke out yesterday between Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the Kabale LC5 Chairman and Darius Nandinda the Resident District Commissioner during a discussion on the contentious Constitutional Amendment Bill (2017) which among others suggests removal  the presidential age limit.

The two district leaders exchanged bitter words on the topic in the presence of Gender and Labor Minister Janat Mukwaya during a meeting at Kabale Lukiiko Hall.

Minister Mukwaya was in the south western district to assess the performance of the programs being implemented there under her ministry.

Trouble started when RDC Nandinda revealed during the meeting with districts leaders, youth leaders and civil servants said he was ordering all radio stations to stop discussing the age limit topic.

“Hon. Minister as of now this must stop,” said Nandinda. “People have to go and work and stop wasting time on politicking. We need to cross the river when we are there.”

This however, was opposed by the LC5 Chairman Patrick Besigye who interjected saying it was wrong to deny people their right to speak on a topic that directly affects them.

As the two leaders started exchanging pointed words, minister Mukwaya butted in calling for calm.

The minister said she was not yet aware of the bill — which has already been gazetted and awaits debate in Parliament, — having been busy in the field

Mukwaya added however that if the reports are true that the bill is set to be debated in parliament, people should be allowed opportunity to discuss it on all avenues available to them.

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