Kabale Municipality Auditor Accused of Sexual Harassment

Bernard Kabwiine, the Kabale Municipal Senior Internal Auditor is being accused of making sexual advances on a female staff member and trying to end her career after being rejected.

The auditor is being accused by Ms. Charity Tushemereirwe who currently serves as the Municipality Treasurer for the Southern Division.

Ms. Tushemereirwe claims Kabwiine made a damaging audit report against her after she turned down his incessant sexual advances.

She says she has audio proof to back her accusations.

In a letter dated 23rd November 2018 to the Kabale Town Clerk, Tushemereirwe said Kabwiine’s audit report was filled with lies, bias and intrigue and intended to ruin her career.

“I have been compelled to respond to irregularities in the internal audit report for the 1st Quarter (2018/19) which is full of lies, biased, abuse of office, intrigue and therefore unprofessional, unethical and misleading with sole intention of tarnishing my image and career as the division treasurer,” she wrote.

“This audit report is a result of personal interests and demands and I have audio evidence pertaining that, which will be revealed at an appropriate time. There are also witnesses pertaining to his miss conduct against me in the division offices even when he had not come to audit.”

Tushemereirwe says contrary to the auditor’s report,her books of accounts have been properly prepared and reconciled and revenue receipts filed chronologically as released in the cash book.


She says while there were some challenges with the e-receipting   system that was introduced in July 2018, she had already raised these concerns with Chief Finance Officer who intervened from time to time.

Joseph Monday the kabale town clerk

Tushemereirwe asked the Kabale Town Clerk to intervene in her squabbles with the auditor, and that she was ready to prepare all the audit queries in the report and present them.

Kabwiine on the other hand denies all the allegations made by Tushemereirwe.

He says she is only trying to use her gender to get sympathy and prevent him from doing his job.

Joseph Monday, the Kabale Town Clerk told us he received the complaint and promised to investigate the allegations and take administrative action when necessary.

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