Kabale MP Donates 36000 Hand Hoes

Andrew Baryayanga Aja, the Kabale Municipality MP has donated a total of 36,000 hoes to farmers in Kabale municipality.

Baryayanga says he is trying to encourage the electorate to engage in Agriculture which he says will in turn fight household poverty and ensure food security.

He asked residents to focus on improved agricultural practices so as to benefit their communities and also asked the people of Kabale Municipality to embrace environmental friendly agriculture in order to reduce effects of environmental degradation.

Baryayanga was on Saturday addressing residents of Rwagana Kamatojo in the Southern Division of Kabale Municipality while moving from cell to cell distributing the hoes.

The donation he said, is a fulfillment of the pledge that the legislator promised to the locals that every house hold in the 74 villages in Kabale Municipality will receive a hoe.

Some of the locals like Maria Kinabwiine, Fred Mbabazi   asked Baryayanga to inform the Government to fulfill the pledge that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made to the people in the 2016 polls of giving each household a hoe.


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