Kabale Men Shun Family Planning

Health officials in Kabale district have expressed concern over the low rate at which men in the district have embraced family planning.

Immaculate Mandera, the Kabale District Acting Health Officer says the biggest majority of men do not want to use contraceptives to space their children, which has led to over population.

Mandera says men in the district have deliberately shunned family planning methods like vasectomy and use of condoms and that only about 20 percent were found using family methods in the 2017 health report.

She believes men are less interested in the services because they think that when they go for  family planning they will stop having children.

With the men adamant, Mandera says, more women in the district have been compelled to go for long term family planning methods like the implant.

The women usage of family planning methods has since grown to 70 percent according to the health official.

This, Mandera says is attributable to sensitization by the government health centres and NGOs.

“We now need to encourage the men to come for family planning as well. The majority of women are now empowered to take on the services, which wasn’t the case in the recent past,” she said.


Wandera added that much more adolescents are also engaging in family planning methods.

In the district, contraception use among adolescents currently stands at 46%, compared to the national average of 28%.

The health officers made these revelations on Thursday during a workshop with health stakeholders organized by AMREF Health Africa in partnership with Kabale Women in Development.

Florence Tumuheirwe the Executive director of Kabale Women in Development attributed the reluctance of some men to use family planning methods to a primitive beliefs that if a man has to produce many children.

She added that some men even restrain their wives from going for family planning; for fear that the level of sexual pleasure in their wives will reduce.


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