Kabale Suspected Marburg Patient Tests Negative

Hon Oryem Okello, mind the State Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of International Affairs, buy information pills has said that African union may consider putting sanctions on South Sudan rebel leader, unhealthy Riek Machar if he does not cooperate in the peace process mediated by IGAD.

The Minister revealed this in a meeting with the TROIKA on South Sudan who include UK, US and Norwegian Envoys to Uganda on Wednesday.

The Minister informed his guests that the Heads of State have suggested a “broad based government as measure to bring peace in South Sudan.”

He said that “in the deal, Riek Machar has been asked to nominate a Prime Minister.”

He added: “While President Salva Kiir agrees with the deal, Riek Machar is demanding for the position of Executive Prime Minister.”

Peace talks have been underway in Ethiopia to settle the political differences between Machar and President Kiir following a botched coup attempt in December last year that plunged the nation into turmoil.

Thousands have been killed and many more displaced by months of heavy fighting.

President Kiir told the United Nations in September that his Government is deeply committed to “talk peace with the rebels to close this dark chapter in the history of our young country”, so the difficult mission of socio-economic development could begin.


He said Member States had no doubt watched in shock and disbelief as fighting erupted last December, “which was plotted by my former Vice-President [Riek Machar] who wanted to seize power by force”.

“He was too impatient in his thirst for power and did not want to wait for the general elections, which were scheduled to take place in 2015…” said Kiir, adding, “the failed coup and the rebellion that followed resulted in the loss of too many innocent lives, destruction of properties, and damage of community relationships.”

But Machar maintains the war was imposed on him by Kiir who was desperately trying to suffocate reformist voices within the ruling party ahead of the 2015 presidential elections.

Hon Oryem Okello poses for a group photo with UK (L), US (C) and Norwegian (R) Envoys this week in Kampala
Hon Oryem Okello poses for a group photo with UK (L), US (C) and Norwegian (R) Envoys this week in Kampala

Chimpreports understands that Hon Okello told his visitors that the “Heads of State had resolved to take tough measures against Riek Machar but with intervention of John Kerry a follow-up summit was suggested and is to take place early November to have the two sides agree on the deal.”

Okello said he was optimistic that the deal would be signed basing on the information from his counterpart in South Sudan that informal talks are going on well.

The minister informed the envoys that Uganda supports the IGAD process. He also said that all efforts aimed at peaceful settlement are welcome.

As for the humanitarian crisis and human rights abuses that have occurred in the wake of the “failed coup and the rebellion”, Mr. Kiir said his Government has ordered an investigation into the abuses and has agreed to cooperate with the AU commission of inquiry.

“We are determined to hold those who will be found responsible accountable, as we do not condone impunity under any circumstances,” he said.
A woman in Kabale District whose samples were taken to the Uganda Virus Research Institute for testing after she developed signs similar to those of the deadly Marburg, stomach has tested negative of the highly infectious virus.

The woman was Friday October 10th reported to have developed the signs similar to those of the highly dreaded Marburg at the Kabale Regional Referral Hospital compound.

Kabale Regional Referral Hospital Director, malady Dr. Placid Mihayo told this website that although the suspect had developed signs and symptoms similar to those of the disease, order she had not contracted the virus.

Mihayo however warned that people distance themselves from patients that show such signs and avoid inter person body contact as much as possible.

According to the Chief Consultant Physician at the region referral hospital, Dr. Nicholas Thaddeus Kamara, the patient had Leukemia and has been referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Kamara says that when white blood cells are not fully developed, a patient develops signs symptoms that may include bleeding, fatigue and others that are similar to those of Marburg and Ebola.

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