Kabale District Chairman Faces Impeachment

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the Kabale district chairperson is facing impeachment threats for alleged incompetence.

11 councilors have signed a petition calling for a motion to censure the chairperson.

They on Monday delivered a petition to Alfred Nkerabigwi, the district clerk to council.

The petitioners claim that Keihwa has failed to respond to district human resource queries and mismanagement of the process of recruitment of employees for the district.

They allege that staff recruitment at the district has been marred by irregularities for quite some time.

“The situation is not helped by the uncalled for recruitment of a whole lot of office attendants and other staff since January 2018 to date, absorbed illegally,” reads part of the petition.

Petitioners also accuse Keihwa of aiding corruption especially during the time when Eng. James Kiganda was the district Engineer. They noted that the district did not register any capital projects despite the huge financial losses.

In December, 2018, Keihwa and district councilors clashed over the District Public Accounts Committee-PAC report.


The report dated November 29, 2018 called for action against the former Kabale Deputy District Engineer, James Kiganda who had been accused of misusing of over 40 million shillings meant to rehabilitate roads in 2016/2017 financial year.

The councilors’ decision followed a monitoring and evaluation exercise which established that there was no work done on the proposed rehabilitation of the eight-kilometer Mparo-Butambi road in Rwamucucu Sub County and the installation of steel culverts at Nyakashebeya Church of Uganda Bridge in Kashambya Sub County, Rukiga district.

The committee also discovered deficiencies in the installation of culverts at Nyakasiru playground along Bukinda-Kahondo-Maziba road in Bukinda Sub County and the planned rehabilitation of Kasheregyenyi- Nyamabale-Katenga road in Kamuganguzi Sub County in Kabale district wasn’t completed.

However, as Keihwa presented the report, he was booed by the councilors who demanded to know why he had a summary of the report instead of a detailed one.

Petitioners allege that since then 2 council sessions have so far elapsed without any response from Keihwa.

The Chairperson is also blamed for misusing government property by constantly using private drivers on district vehicles. These cite that Keihwa has always used non designated drivers on the brand new pick up attached to his office which contravenes standing orders.

Boaz March, the Ryakarimira Town Council Councillor said that Keihwa has been sidelining government employees, soliciting bribes and denying the district income.

“He has also enabled the inappropriate utilization of district road equipment, exhibition of conflict of interest and unnecessary litigation of Kabale district council,” said March.

Florence Musiimenta, the Kabale district Workers councillor said she is concerned by the fact that 6 new councillors elected in July 2018 have not received their allowances since then.

“We passed a supplementary budget at a session held on 30th May, 2019. We expected this budget to meet our allowances but it has all been in vain,” said Musiimenta.

When contacted about the move, Keihwa said that he has not accessed the petition but said he was optimistic that even if the impeachment process started, he would survive it.

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