Kabale District Boss Jailed Over Debts

Monica Muhumuza the Kabale district Senior Development Officer has been committed to civil prison by the Kabale chief magistrate over failing to pay a debt of Shs 8 million that he owes Hakashenyi savings credit cooperative society in Kitumba sub county Ndorwa west kabala district.

His worship Godfrey Kaweesa heard that Muhumuza on 5th September 2011 borrowed Shs 10 million from the Sacco but managed to pay only 4.5 million, advice and that the interest had expanded the debt to 8, site 941, health 000.

Muhumuza told court yesterday that she was unable to raise the said money, compelling the Magistrate to commit her to Ndorwa government prison for six months.


Denis Nzeirwe the Rukungiri deputy RDC who is the husband to Muhumuza is also wanted by the same court for failure to clear another debt of Shs 6,138,047 that he borrowed from the same Sacco.

The RDC is said to have refused to honour numerous court summons.

Prosecution says that Nzeirwe obtained Shs 5 million but only managed to pay back 1 million, and had since refused to respond to reminders by the Sacco.

Deo Mubangizi, the manager Hakashenyi Sacco says that other debtors like Peter Habyarimana and Edison Muramira the Kamuganguzi sub county Gomborola internal security officer, has accepted to pay their debts.








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