Kabale: Chaos as Parents Lock Head Teacher’s Office over ‘Dictatorship’

Sophan Ampurire, viagra 100mg the head teacher of   Kigata Primary School in Kabale District has been forced out of office by angry parents demanding for his transfer and accusing him of ‘dictatorship’ and mismanagement of the school.

Chaos at the school ensued on Monday during the official opening of third academic term when the angry parents stormed the school and locked offices accusing Ampurire of mismanaging the school.

The Angry parents camped at the school from Monday up to Friday threatening to lynch the head teacher in case he attempted to set foot at the school compound.

The parents accuse Ampurire of barring a primary seven pupil from sitting for Mock examinations claiming that he had vandalized the school black board.

They also claim that the head teacher has never bothered to caution drunkard teachers, website like this an issue they say has led to the poor performance of the learners and that the school continues teaching
during holidays yet it contradicts with education guidelines.

Pupils play in the school compound
Pupils play in the school compound

Ampurire is also accused of scraping off all sports and other co-curricular activities yet pupils are entitled to, on top of failure to account for funds they pay to cater for a night watchman.

It was until on Wednesday when a team of Kabale District education authorities led by Vastine Beyendera, the District Inspector of Schools, Moses Bwengye Tumwijukye the District Sports Officer, and Reverend Geoffrey Nzaana the Kigezi Diocesan Education coordinator came in to calm down the situation.

William Turyamureeba one of the protesting parents says that the head teacher is always absent without clear explanation and whenever parents try to find out he abuses them.


Turyamureeba said the head teacher must be transferred if sanity is to return to the school.

Frank Nkeitwabangye the parent whose child was denied Mock examinations for vandalizing the school black board says that, he was forced by the head teacher to buy a lorry fully of sand and two bags of cement in order to repair it.

The meeting did not yield any results as the parents declined to open the office for the head teacher to enter and start his work as this forced Education officials to resolve that Ampurire stop performing his duties as the head teacher and remain at his home as investigations into the matter carry on.

The District Inspector of Schools, Vastine Beyendera appointed Faith Twesiime to take over the school for studies to resume.

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