Kabale Candidates Reject NRM Cash

A section of NRM candidates in Kabale Municipality have rejected the facilitation that was sent to them from the NRM secretariat, which is meant to help them procure campaign materials.

The candidates claim that the secretariat did not provide justification for how the money was split.

The NRM secretary general, Justine Kasule Lumumba said up to Shs 60 billion had been earmarked to support party candidates across the country.

This money she said was meant to facilitate procurement of campaign logistics and materials including posters, transport, airtime, water and refreshments for task forces and campaign agents.

Each of the candidates for the LC 5 chairperson seat will receive 50 million Shillings, directly elected councillors to the district or city, 1 million shillings, woman councillors at the division and city levels, 1.5million shillings, municipal or city division chairpersons, municipal councillors 500,000 shillings while the division councillors will get 100,000shillings.

However, some Kabale Municipal division chairperson candidates who include Sam Arinaitwe (Central division), Isaac Rurihoona (Southern division) and Patrick Tushabomwe (Northern division) as well as division councillors have refused to accept the money.

These, yesterday held a meeting where they resolved to write to the secretary-general seeking clarification on how the funds were divided.

They say they want clarity on why some of municipal councillors were given much more money compared to the division councillors yet they have the same mandate.


Isaac Anyijukire Rurihoona the Southern Division LCIII NRM flagbearer says the Shs 1million they are getting too little.

He notes that Kabale with its three divisions will only get Shs 3million which peanuts compared to the Shs 20million given to the mayoral candidates.

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