Kabale: 13 Students Expelled

Thirteen students of Hornby High School in Kabale Municipality have been expelled for leading a violent strike at the school on Sunday night that led to destruction of school property.

The strike started 8pm in the night as students protested the poor quality meals and maladministration by their teachers.

These destroyed glass windows and attempted to burn the office of the head teacher, before police came in.

Thursday morning at around 3am, the students resumed the strike, destroying more property and attempted to beat up cooks. They rejected breakfast and skipped classes.

Trevor Natumanya, the head prefect claims they have been fed with bad posho, they were denied a short “half term” break and a sports day.

They also wanted to be allowed to watch movies all night during weekends.

Jane Kyalujumba, the deputy head teacher of the school told our reporter that the expelled students were the strike ringleaders

She says only Senior Four and Six expelled students will return to sit for national exams.

She refuted the claims that the food was bad, also revealed that the half term break was scrapped on the request of parents.

Patrick Okello, the head of Operations at Kabale Police station says police will remain deployed at the school until sanity is realized.

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