Kabaka Urges Government to Take Action on Ritual Murders

The King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has sounded a call to government to enact laws that are more deterrent to child sacrifice, decease which has lately been on the rise in especially the central (Buganda) region.

Kabaka Mutebi said on Monday that time had come for these horrendous  acts to be made more risky for those who are involved, largely for the sake of making quick money.

Several cases have been reported in past few months of children who have been gruesomely behaded by witch doctors in ritual sacrifices.

In a few districts in the central region, a number of local government leaders have tried to take action including closing of traditional healers’ shrines, as a way of combating this trend.

While addressing the 24th Kingdom Lukiiko this morning, Kabaka Mutebi said it was time for government to take more decisive action.

“Lately we have been hearing of people who abduct young children and children who are sacrificed as well as parents who mistreat their children,” he said.

“Time has come for the central government to punish with tough laws, those who are involved in actions that violate the rights of children.

“It would be better if the world comes to know that there are tough consequences for those caught in such acts.”


He Kabaka went ahead to call upon parents, to be more mindful about the condition of the children they leave at home as well as the people they leave them to.

Child sacrifice has often been associated with people’s desperate efforts to earn a living –the desire for instant wealth on the part of the client and greed on the part of the witchdoctor

Normal sacrifices demanded by witch doctors from clients tend to include animals such as chickens or goats. But when such sacrifices fail to make the client prosper instantly ‘the spirits’ demand human sacrifices.

Young children are often the victim because they are relatively easy to abduct.

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