Kabaka Urges Forgiveness in Eid Messege


The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has called for forgiveness in his Eid Al Fitr message to all Moslems to in the country.

In his message, the Kabaka applauded all those who have been able to fast throughout the whole month of Ramadan as asked them to forgive all those who have done them wrong.

“In this trying moment let us continue observing directives from both Government and Ministry of Health in prevention of COVID19 pandemic. Forgive each other as well as helping the needy,” he said.

The Kabaka added that the effects of the COVID19 pandemic which include the  closure of worshipping places should act as a lesson to everyone that we must abide by Allah’s commands at all times.

“Here in Uganda, we pray for COVID19 victims and we are hopeful that the treatment will help them to recover as soon as possible.”

Unlike normal Eid day celebrations where believers have been converging in Mosques and other places for prayers, this year they will hold prayers in their homes in respect to COVID19 preventive directives.




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