Kabaka Mutebi Attacks Relentless Corruption at Coronation Anniversary

King of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ii on Tuesday utilized his coronation Jubilee celebrations to call on government, stakeholders and all Ugandans to take deliberate action to end the ceaseless corruption that continues to plague the nation.

At the celebrations held at the Mengo Place, which also mark the restoration of Buganda and other kingships, which had been banned by President Milton Obote, the Kabaka expressed worry that Uganda’s development efforts will continue to be undercut by corruption, if it is not drastically addressed.

This corruption, Mutebi said stems from greed which many people are raised with from childhood.

“Today there is so much greed amongst us,” he said. “That’s the cause of corruption.”

“Corruption has failed everything including sectors such as education, health, governance, economic growth and overall development efforts,” he said, adding “Nobody can fetch water in a porous basket.”

“If we don’t fight this greed which breeds corruption, our country will not progress. It will continue to go backwards.”

Uganda remains one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, ranking as of last year, 151st out of 176 countries, according to Transparency International.

According to Transparency International Uganda (TIU) chairperson John Mary Odoy, the rising corruption is all as a result the increased inequality in the county.


“Corruption and equality are the same things, those who have a lot of money have continued to get rich by exploiting the poor and the poor are just getting worse,” he said.

Kabaka Mutebi warned at the coronation event that failure to address this inequality can result in dangerous traits.

“Today we have small islands of very rich people, yet these are surrounded by a lake of poor people. This isn’t good, and indeed it’s dangerous because that is what causes murders, robbery, instability and many other dangerous habits,” he said.

The king went on to call upon parents, leaders of all kinds, to train the young people to stay away from greed.

“For those handling our finances, I urge you to ensure that public money goes it is supposed to, so that it can do what it is intended to do; and our people enjoy themselves in their country, instead of scattering all over the place.”

The coronation event was graced by His Majesty Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, the king (Asantehene) of the Ghanaian Kingdom of Ashanti, Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, ministers and several government leaders.

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