Kabaka Celebrates 65th Birthday, Awards Kawanga Semwogerere

The Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has today marked 65 years of age.

However, the festivities that were supposed to take place at Rubaga Cathedral could not go on due to the current COVID 19 crisis.

Delivering His Majesty’s birthday message at Bulange Mengo this morning, the Katikiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga praised God for protecting Kabaka and announced five people that have been recognized and awarded by the King.

“We thank God for the protection He has given our King all these 65 years. We thank God for the wisdom He bestowed upon our King which has enabled him to initiate programs for the benefit of his people,” said Katikiro Mayiga.

As it is a norm that Buganda Kingdom organizes Kabaka’s birthday run a week prior to the celebrations, the run was supposed to take place last Sunday on Palm Sunday but it was not possible because of COVID 19 pandemic.

Katikiro assured the people of Buganda that Kabaka will come at an appropriate time, flag off his subjects for the run.

The theme for this year’s run is “fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Katikiro said the kingdom wants the campaign against HIV/ AIDS to be spearheaded by men.


He called on all those who have bought the running kits to put them on, take pictures and share them on their social media platforms in determination to kick HIV/AIDS out of Buganda in particular and Uganda as a whole.

Meanwhile, Mayiga announced five people who have been recognized and given awards by Kabaka for their selfless services to the Kingdom of Buganda.

“This time, it pleased his majesty to recognize five people. The first one is Hon Paul Kawanga Semwogerere. He (Kabaka) recognizes him for his service as a leader, as a politician, particularly as a politician who at all times remained a gentleman. He practiced his beliefs as a politician, sat in Government without getting himself in any scandalous situations,” said Mayiga.

Semwogerere was the overall chairman in charge of preparations for Kabaka’s coronation in 1993.

The second person that has been recognized by Kabaka is sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza who worked for the unification of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The third recognized person during Kabaka’s 65th birthday is Rev Can Samuel Kasujja who baptized the Kabaka and is all the time concerned about the Kabaka’s spiritual well-being and spiritual well-being of the members of the royal family.

The fourth person is veteran journalists John Ziyakuze, 94 years who believes that a Kingdom and it’s values are people’s beliefs which cannot be legislated and therefore played a key role in the restoration of the Kingdom of Buganda after it was banned by President Milton Obote’s Government.

Finally, Kabaka has recognized Prof Josephine Nambooze Kiggundu, the first woman medical doctor in Uganda and East Africa.

She has trained hundreds of medical professionals and was once a Minister of Health in Mengo Government and was a member of the Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament)

Katikiro announced that all the five awarded persons will receive their medals at an occasion that will be organized when COVID 19 crisis ends and the situation returns to normal.

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