Kabafunzanki Petitions Bamugemereire Commission Over ‘Fraudulent” Public Land Sale

Hebert Kabafunzaki, the Rukiga County Member of Parliament has petitioned the Commission of Inquiry in Land Matters over what he termed as “fraudulent sale of Rushebeya market land”.

In his letter dated 24th November 2017 addressed to Justice Catherine Bamugemereire,  the chairperson of the land commission, the MP called for its  intervention in the “fraudulent   attachment and sale of market land situated at Rushebeya in Rwamucucu sub county, Rukiga district measuring about 2 acres.”

Kabafunzaki says the public land has been in use by the community, serving both as playground for the government schools in Rukiga as well as a public market.

“The purpose of the letter is to request your committee to urgently inquire into the matter and avoid any unnecessary impasse between the community and the alleged purchaser,” Reads Kabafunzaki letter in part.

On November 8, 2017, unidentified people started surveying the market land.

Shortly after the survey, inmates from Ndorwa Government prison were deployed to demarcate and fence off the market. The local residents intervened and attempted to attack them, before the inmates were evacuated.

In 2015, Rwamucucu Sub County lost a court case to one David Gakyaro, who had sued the sub county leaders for illegally felling his trees.

Gakyaro petitioned Kabale high court, which directed the sub county to pay him Shillings 11 million shillings in the damages. However, the sub county leadership only paid six million shillings.


As a result, Gakyaro ran back to court which gave him an order to attach the market land since Justus Ampeire, the former Rwamucucu sub county chief and LC 3 chairperson, Justus Tushabomwe, failed to show up in court to testify on the matter.

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