Justice Tibulya to Hear Kabafunzaki Corruption Case

Anticorruption Court Deputy Registrar Susan Kanyange has allocated the file of the corruption case where the embattled Minister of State for Labor Herbert Kabafunzaki is accused of taking a Shs. 5m bribe from an Investor, to Justice Margret Tibulya.

Last month, Anti-corruption court chief magistrate Agnes Alum committed Hon Kabafunzaki together with his co-accused Bruce Lubowa and Brain Mugabo to High Court for trial after the Principal State Attorney Babra Kauma informed court that investigations in the matter were complete

The DPP revealed to court that among the evidence and exhibits that they intend to rely on while prosecuting the accused persons include CCTV footage from Serena Hotel at the day they were arrested, the suspects’ mobile handsets, their Sim cards, Police statements and other documents.

This matter had initially been set to be heard by the magistrate’s court, but after a keen analysis, it was established that due the prominence of the accused persons, the nature in which it was committed it ought to be before the High court.

The registrar has extended Kabafunzaki and co-acussed’s bail thus ordering them to return back to court on the 18th July for hearing of their case.

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