Justice Kavuma Slams Law Society Over Boycott

Political tension that has been combusting for months inside the Jinja District Council has culminated in the sacking of Council Vice Chairperson Paul Baliddawa.


Chairman Fredrick Ngobi Gume unceremoniously kicked Baliddawa out of the District Council, site accusing him of siding with the opposition to frustrate district activities.


In a dismissal letter seen by ChimpReports, purchase Baliddawa is accused of refusing to sign in consent for the shift of offices of Jinja District Headquarters to Kagoma in Buwenge sub-county


Chairman Ngobe, who has been pestering councilors to accept the proposal he tabled in 2013, took the decision to oust his deputy, for disagreeing to the position.



Balidawa and opposition councilors argue that the move to shift the district headquarters to Kagoma is all part of Chairman Ngobe’s strategy of the 2016 general elections.


Ngobe is a known aspirant for the Kagoma constituency Parliamentary seat come 2016.


Chairman Ngobi Gume told a press conference this morning at Busoga Square, that Balidawa had been replaced with councilor Akiki Asuman of Buwenge Sub County.


Rose Mukama the Woman councilor of Budondo Sub County was appointed the Finance Secretary.


Gume wrote to the RDC and Chief Administrative Officer, notifying them of the new changes.


The  proposal to shift  the district headquarters from Jinja town to  Kagoma , along Kamuli road, was tabled  by  Gume to the council  in 2013 after the  sale of  district land  at Sh. 2.5billon with the aim of constructing  modern district offices.


All opposition councilors led by FDC Jinja District women league leader Abuze Christine Monica vowed block the shift, noting the Kagoma was too rural to operate in.


“There is no way we shall enhance service delivery to our electorates in such remote area” Abuze said.


Meddie Mbentyo chairman education committee also disagrees with the moving of the headquarters saying that that this would cost billions of money which the district local government doesn’t have.


Insiders however, tell us that a determined Gume, will stop at nothing, to see his resolution effected.



Following their boycott of the New Law Year function held at High Court in Kampala on Friday, visit web the Acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma has warned lawyers under the Uganda Law Society against intimidating him.

The lawyers today shunned the occasion in protest of Government’s failure to fill the positions of the new Chief Justice and the Deputy.

“I can’t be intimidated by anyone and in any case coming to this function was by individual will. What is important is the fact that the bar was effectively represented by judges, justices and lawyers including the Attorney General, ” Kavuma said while addressing journalists on Friday.

“Even if there was no single lawyer present at the function but the Attorney General is around, the bar would effectively be represented because the Attorney General is custodian of the law.”

Uganda Law society President Ruth Ssebatindira stressed earlier this week that for the second year, the function of initiating the new law year is being conducted without a Chief Justice and his deputy; which she said was wrong and a sign of what she termed as a “dubious manner” the judiciary is being run in the country.

This follows Parliament’s, refusal to endorse the reappointment of Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki, who they said had exceeded the required age limit.

Empty seats in the tents set for ULS members
Empty seats in the tents set for ULS members

However in reply, the Acting Chief Justice explained that there is nothing to worry about, and that everything was moving on smoothly in the judiciary.

President Museveni, when reminded again about the vacant posts at a radio talk show recently, said he was aware of the dent and promised to fill it.

“This hasn’t had any effect on the running of the judiciary. The absence of a Chief Justice should not be an excuse to collapse of the whole institution. Challenges are part of life that we must face if we are to succeed.  Come rain or sunshine, we shall continue dispensing justice to all people,”Kavuma said.

Kavuma added that the burden of appointing the Chief Justice is on the Judicial Service Commission, the President and Parliament whom he said need to be reprimanded and not the judiciary.

“The Judicial Service Commission is supposed to recommend names to the President from whom they feel is fit to become the Chief Justice and the President nominates whom he thinks can do better and sends the name to Parliament for approval,” Kavuma added.

“Judiciary is however not party to this and we pray those 3 will come up and  do their work so as a substantive Chief Justice is appointed.”


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