Justice Kavuma Hails Plea Bargaining Program

The Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma has appreciated the tremendous job done by the Principle Judge Yorokamu Bamwiine, buy information pills introducing the plea-bargaining program.

Kavuma while speaking to press at Mbarara High Court said the nationwide campaign has been handy in reducing congestion and government costs on cases.

Under the Plea bargaining arrangement, suspects are encouraged to plead guilty and get lesser sentences, as a way of saving courts time and resources.

Recently however, MPs on the Committee of defense and Internal Affairs led by Hon. Judith Nabakooba visited the Mbarara Central Prison and were not impressed by the results of the plea bargaining program as the prison is still heavily congested.

The committee also expressed worry that the program could be compelling innocent suspects to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.

Commenting the program however, the Deputy Chief Justice Kavuma dismissed the MPs’ fears and praised the program for taking a huge weight off the shoulders of the judiciary.

“We are satisfied as judiciary; we have spotted by statistics plea bargaining is working well though there could be some challenges; but anything new has its challenges and it’s too early to condemn it as a failure,” Justice Kavuma said.

Kavuma went ahead to warn judicial officers against compelling anybody to go for plea bargaining, saying that it should be from one’s will to request for it.


He also emphasized that the challenges in plea bargaining can be resolved through effective sensitization of the suspects, the general public and the judicial officers since it is a new.

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